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Pearl Jam – Lollapalooza 1992

So I got caught up in the hype of Pearl Jam’s Ten reissue.  I didn’t drop the money on the Super Ultra Mega Edition, but I listened to the new mix and enjoyed it well enough.  Stripping off the canned reverb really, um,  puts Ed’s vocals…  out front and, uh…  “in-your-face”?

I don’t know.

Anyway, a couple days ago I discovered that their drummer from this period, Dave Abbruzzese,  has started his own YouTube channel.  It’s quite the little treasure trove of early-era Pearl Jam videos.  Check this one out:

I was going to share a story that I never tell regarding a Pearl Jam shirt I wore only once, but it was just too long.

You can check out Abbruzzese’s YouTube channel right here.

You can also discover why Dave got the boot from the band.  I’ll answer that question right here in the form of a joke:  What was the last thing the drummer said before he got fired form the band?  “Hey guys, I wrote a song.”


Eddie Vedder – Where The Streets Have No Name


Poor Eddie gets a bad rap sometimes.  Just because he uses his fame and influence to speak out on such downer issues as the environment, womens rights,  the Iraq war, the West Memphis Three, uhh…

Man, that guy sounds like a fuckin’ drag.

Wait, no!  He’s also a notorious drunk!  Big points there, right?  It also turns out he’s a great karaoke singer and an all around good sport.  Head over to Bunny With Fangs to check out his rendition of U2’s “Where The Streets Have No Name” at some hotel bar.  As an extra bonus, he also does “Yellow Submarine”.