Prince – Let’s Go Crazy

Live in Minneapolis, 1983 , a year before it was released.

Enjoy it while you can.



Eddie Vedder – Where The Streets Have No Name


Poor Eddie gets a bad rap sometimes.  Just because he uses his fame and influence to speak out on such downer issues as the environment, womens rights,  the Iraq war, the West Memphis Three, uhh…

Man, that guy sounds like a fuckin’ drag.

Wait, no!  He’s also a notorious drunk!  Big points there, right?  It also turns out he’s a great karaoke singer and an all around good sport.  Head over to Bunny With Fangs to check out his rendition of U2’s “Where The Streets Have No Name” at some hotel bar.  As an extra bonus, he also does “Yellow Submarine”.

Pistol Youth – In My Eyes

Blah blah blah Weezer, blah blah blah “Windowlicker”. 

Who cares?  It’s pretty funny.  Actually Sophia is freakin’ hilarious.

Iron Maiden’s “The Trooper” on harp

Just because you’re playing Maiden doesn’t take away from the fact the you, sir, are a harpist.

Schaefer Beer – Edd Kalehoff at the Moog

This is both the coolest and lamest thing I have ever seen.

Mostly lame.

Apparently this Edd Kalehoff guy wrote the theme song to The Price is Right.

Way to wail on that thing, nerd!

The Buddy System – Return To Horse Mountain

It seems that the internet has given music videos a new life. Knowing that you can find an audience without relying on MTV and being able to shoot and edit create a video for super cheap has let artists take some pretty serious risks that never would have been possible before.

Check out this one.

Soft Machines

Probably too late for Christmas, but pretty cool any way.




You can get them here though it looks like she’s sold out of the 808s.  Damn you Kanye!