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Jarvis Cocker – Angela

Jarvis Cocker recording with Steve Albini?  I can dig it.

Jarvis Cocker – Angela

If you put your name on a mailing list over at his website you can get the song for free!



Apparat’s album Walls has stayed on my MP3 player pretty much all summer. With it’s combination of glitchy drums and orchestral flourishes it shouldn’t be too surprising that I’m a fan. And since I just heard this song on Showtime’s hot-shit-fall-line-up ad I’m sure you’ll all be clamoring for it soon enough.

Most of the album is instrumental and pretty mellow, so if you’re looking for the end of summer banger get The Bug’s London Zoo instead. Actually, just get them both.

mp3: Apparat – Hailin From The Edge

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The Weepies – All This Beauty

I’ve been hooked on this song all week. I love well crafted pop like this and need it when it’s gray and raining in goddamn June.

mp3: The Weepies – All This Beauty

Tom Petty vs. Engine Kid

I’m watching Peter Bogdanovich’s four hour documentary Running Down a Dream about Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers right this very second. Tom Petty is one of those artists that I have always loved. Even at the point in my life when I thought I was too cool to like him, I liked him.

For some odd reason this is my favorite part of the movie (aside from the Traveling Wilburys shit):

Right after this, Eddie Vedder says something really cool about how music has the power to make you remember exactly how you felt when you were fifteen and heard a song for the first time.

I was probably about fifteen when I heard this great cover of “Breakdown” by Engine Kid.  And even though I don’t think I’ve listened to this song in a decade, I can tell you exactly where I was when I first heard it.  No bullshit.

mp3: Engine Kid – Breakdown

My Morning Jacket vs. INXS

INXSJim James of My Morning Jacket

Let’s try and forget about the shitting upon of Michael Hutchence’s memory and just enjoy a great cover of a great song.

mp3: My Morning Jacket – Never Tear Us Apart

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Prince vs. Dump

PrinceJames McNew

Dump is a solo project by Yo La Tengo bassist James McNew. McNew had released a cassette-only album entitled That Skinny Motherfucker with the High Voice? on which he burned through some dreamy, home-recorded Prince covers.

I first heard Dump when a dear friend (who happened to be a huge Yo La Tengo fan) discovered I was a huge Prince fan and the two of us shared a you-got-chocolate-in-my-peanut-butter moment. I would swear I heard it around 1999 (no Prince-related joke intended), but everything says it came out in 2001. Hmmm… I love when I get my own narrative wrong.

Well, clearly I have absolutely nothing interesting to say about it, so do us both a favor and just listen.

mp3: Dump – When U Were Mine

mp3: Dump – Raspberry Beret

mp3: Dump – 1999

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Jud Jud

Acapella heavy metal. Yes, acapella heavy metal. Two guys making guitar and drum sounds with only their voices. Yes, it’s a goof (as you can tell from their lyric sheet) but it’s also pretty good. And hilarious. They’ve been mentioned on a number of other websites but everyone really should hear it.

mp3: Jud Jud – X Fast Song X

mp3: Jud Jud – X Harmonics Song X

mp3: Jud Jud – X Double Bass Song